Keith Carter Memorial Road Race 2018

Keith Carter Memorial Road Race 2018

This Sunday 29th April 2018, I covered the annual Hull Thursday Road Club Road Race, in memory of former club stalwart Keith Carter which was held on the North Newbald circuit over 85km / 53 miles.

The race was promoted by:

Hull Thursday RC (website)


  1. Jenson Young  Giant Halifax Race Team
  2. Matthew Lock Cliff Pratt Racing
  3. Glen Hale Holmfirth Cycling Club
  4. Thomas Davison J’s Cycle Shack
  5. Shaun Dolby Geared Up & CN Cycles RT
  6. Jack Moore
  7. Stephen Gibson Peak Road Club
  8. Joseph Faichney Squadra RT
  9. Richard Gibbins Cliff Pratt Racing
  10. Harry Lee Selby CC
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