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Reports and photographs from road racing events that I have covered in the past.

Keith Carter Memorial Road Race 2018

Keith Carter Memorial Road Race 2018

This Sunday 29th April 2018, I covered the annual Hull Thursday Road Club Road Race, in memory of former club stalwart Keith Carter which was held on the North Newbald circuit over 85km / 53 miles.

The race was promoted by:

Hull Thursday RC (website)


  1. Jenson Young  Giant Halifax Race Team
  2. Matthew Lock Cliff Pratt Racing
  3. Glen Hale Holmfirth Cycling Club
  4. Thomas Davison J’s Cycle Shack
  5. Shaun Dolby Geared Up & CN Cycles RT
  6. Jack Moore
  7. Stephen Gibson Peak Road Club
  8. Joseph Faichney Squadra RT
  9. Richard Gibbins Cliff Pratt Racing
  10. Harry Lee Selby CC

FTR Milltag Spring Classic Photographs

On Sunday 16th April 2017, I covered the inaugural FTR Milltag Spring Classic. The race was run on the challenging Saxton circuit; where 70 riders completed 7 laps, covering a total distance 57 miles.

The riders completed the first lap all together in 19mins 45seconds, the high tempo meant any early attempts at a breakaway were brought to heel instantly. The main breakaway of the day established itself on the second lap, it was the duo of Steve Colloby (All Terrain Cycles) and Daniel Posnett (Squadra RT). They sprinted out the first Prime Sprint, at the end of the second lap, which was won by Dan Prosnett. The peloton controlled the day and did not allow them a lead of more than 44 seconds. The Breakaway was caught before the second Prime sprint, at the end of the fifth lap, which was won by Adam Robinson (Team KTM UK). The prize won for the Prime Sprints was 12 cans of limited edition North Brew Co. sputnik beer and cap.

All Terrain Cycles tried to use their numbers advantage and did manage to get Jon Chambers into a 3 man breakaway with Adam Robinson who pulled out an advantage after the Prime sprint and they were joined by Robert Mitchell (Out of the Saddle). They could not hold off a rampaging peloton for long, never pulling out more than a 14 second lead and the riders were back all together when the bell sounded with 1 lap to go.

Gavin Taylor from Prologue Cycling attacked on the final lap and held on to solo to victory by a few seconds from Jack Ford (Wheelbase Cabtech Junior RT) who won the sprint for second, with Christopher Hoole (FTR Milltag) finishing third. Tom Barras, the recently retired professional rider and Directeur Sportif with NFTO, came home forth and William Orell-Turner (Wheelbase Cabtech Junior RT) in fifth.